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Magnetic Card Reader / Writer

Its easy-to-use programming utility is not only capable of write the magnetic cards in just standard ISO format, but also support for non-ISO card reading and writing such as customizing BPC. (Bit per Character) on each ISO tracks so that track 2 or 3 can support alphanumeric characters as well for non-ISO applications. The MSE-700 card writing utility also provide with many other useful functions which include single/batch copy of cards, erase card, serial number incremental encoding, and etc... further more, the software is able to read the saved file of the PDC/MPDC series of portable magnetic swipe card reader. Ideal for club membership card and Retail/Point-of-Sale applications. API reference guide is available for developers upon request.

  • Tracks 1&2&3
  • 300~4000oe Coercivity
  • Hico/loco Configurable
  • RS-232/USB Two-in-One Connectivity
  • One Million Passes Media Life
  • ISO 7811-1/2/3/4/5 & ANSI 4.16 1983 Compliant
  • Custom Data Format - 5/6/7BPC 210/75BPI on Any Track
  • Raw Data Format
  • Smart Encoding Utility
  • Affordable Acquisition Cost
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