About Our Company

Company History

FoxChit Business Sytems, Inc. (FBSI), formerly Foxchit Software Solutions stands out to be a service-oriented company that provides a complete solution for every retail and restaurant need.The company started in 1996 selling an absolute DOS-based system for supermarket, boutiques and department store. In 1997, as a result of successful implementation and high standard service, FSS provide the most pioneering and flexile Point-of-Sale(POS) hardware that works hand-in-hand with the system. In addition to this, we established partnership with respectable local and international hardware companies such as IBM and EPSON that provides quality equipment, worldwide spare parts and efficient maintenance to assure you with fast and well-timed services.

1999 was a breakthrough year for the company when FBSI became a POSIFLEX PST-6000 dealer. Furthermore, FSS began to import POS peripherals such as cash drawer, customer display, 9" monitor, POS keyboard, barcode scanner, NVRAM, and the likes thus making the company more recognized and accepted by its clients for their renowned and quality product. Another development in this year was the released of DOS-based Restaurant system which is a combination of Quick Service and Fine-Dining system.

In year 2000, as a response to a more advanced and innovative solution, FBSI is upgrading all the systems from DOS-based to Windows-based. Its purpose is to enhance the system and to give an excellent product with the touch of expertise the customer should deserve. FSS also added our technical and hardware engineers, staff that comprises the biggest percentage in our company and offers 24 hours support to extend better-quality services especially for businesses that operates mostly during night. Last year, FBSI became an authorized distributor and service center of POSIFLEX, the #1 manufacturer of retail POS products in Taiwan and JARLTECH Touch POS Terminal that won an ISO Certificate as Best Touch POS product. Moreover, we continuously upgrade our products and services to address the changing needs of our customers. Today, FoxChit Bussiness Systems, Inc. still uphold this commitment in any kind of industry and anticipate a lasting partnership with you.... Your Absolute Business Solutions Provider!!

Company VMO

Company Mission

Foxchit Business Systems, Inc. envision maintaining and strengthening its pioneering position in providing absolute total solutions by offering state-of-the-art business systems inclined with the latest technological advancements in the industry, designed to suit the varying needs and nature of our growing clientele, in anticipation of their future needs as well.

Company Vision

We are committed in providing consistently updated powerful business combinations that entail a wide horizon of customized software solutions relevant to our local set-up and quality assured POS terminals that have undergone intense product research and scrutiny, deliberately for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction and revloutionizing business operations, to be accomplished through serving, not as vendors, but as consultative partners,imbibing your success as our goal.

Company Objective

" To promote quality and excellent products that will provide Information Technology Solutions and offer full commitment and total solutions to our clients, employees and partners and to be a part of the Technological Advancement in the Society ".