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Outstanding Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printer

The OS-214TT is an outstanding thermal transfer and direct thermal printer. With advanced standard features and flexible options, the OS-214TT is engineered to meet moderate volume printing applications. With innovative TrueSpeed technology, the OS-214TT has rapid first-label printout and achieves a constant print speed of up to 3 inches per second. The small footprint requires minimum counter space, and its light weight allows the printer to be easily moved to any convenient location.

  • Full range of options :Cutter, Stacker, 2MB memory card, Font card, RTC and standalone keyboard (Argokee)
  • Easy media loading & ribbon installation
  • Detachable top cover for kiosk and other special applications
  • PPLA and PPLB emulations available
  • Snap-in thermal print head loads in 2 seconds
  • 203dpi resolution model available
  • Durable and easy maintenance : only 10 screws disassemble entire unit
  • Centronics Parallel, RS-232 interfaces available
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